HALO PICTURES a studio of animators, designers, producers and storytellers creating for a modern world

Halo Pictures provides services in 2D animation, 3D animation, character design, storyboarding and pre-visualisation to agencies, brands, TV production companies, gaming companies, web producers, film production companies and international animation studios.


Halo Pictures is an international multi award-winning animation production company based in Sydney, Australia. Our characters walk, run, jump, sing and dance, tell jokes and never grow up in tvc’s, music video clips, film titles, tv and online series and films around the world.

Our passion for character design and performance based animation is limitless. Halo’s directors and art directors cover everything, and more, from animals to people to food, cars, text, cities, smoke, liquids, space... in styles ranging from traditional cartoons to photoreal to graphics and fine art based design.

We work with small and large, established and indie companies and brands with the same passion.


Halo’s animation studio was founded in Sydney, NSW by producer Lisa Hauge and director Chris Hauge. Over the past few years the company has been privileged to work on US animated film preproduction, branded character development, national TVC’s, film titles, music video clips and a diverse collection of animation crossing tv, film, online, mobile, iphones, ipads and gaming console trailers.

Halo Pictures' animation studio looks forward to continuing this collaborative journey with passionate designers, animators, art directors, international producers, agencies creatives and studio legends.



Halo Pictures enjoys collaborating with artists, musicians, producers, directors and writers.

These collaborations have been both international and domestic, with major US and UK film studios which include Universal, Pixar, Laika and Passion Pictures and domestically Youngheart Animation, Passion Pictures Australia and Beyond.